Amalfi bedroom - walnut

Model: SA-AMA-HAL-NO-2-1
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Amalfi bedroom - walnut

Please note that under the product(s) in the Description and parameters section you can find more information. From this set not only the versions shown in the picture can be compiled, but they can be purchased per component, so you decide what composition you exactly want for your home!

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Manufacturer: Saltarelli
2,507,910 Ft 1,880,930 Ft Discount: -25%
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Amalfi ágyrács
Amalfi Bedframe
234,650 Ft 175,990 Ft
Amalfi bedroom - walnut
2,507,910 Ft 1,880,930 Ft Discount: -25%


Day and night in Mediterranean enchantment

There are treasures that the whole world envies from Italy. The Amalfi collection was inspired by one of these treasures, which is maybe the most brilliant of all. Let us look at the pieces of furniture which are in this collection and we can see the cause of it, both on beige and wooden elaborations.

Discover the decorative nature of wood-effect furniture, which combines the natural pattern of veins with man's artistic creativity.

In addition to the large-scale shapes, combining the wood patterns and the typical decorative patterns of the collection, this bedroom also reveals a kind of vibrancy. Perfect for those who like to admire the richness of decorations.

The collection contains many elements for your convenience, so it can be fully customized. Please take a look at the rich selection and choose the set that is perfect for you!

Components of the SA-AMA-HAL-NO-2-1 set:

10405030Double bedstead - walnut10405035Night table with 2 drawers - walnut10405032Chest of drawers - walnut10405025Mirror - walnut10405024Dressing table - walnut10407026Pouf

Style Classic
Set type Bedroom
Product type Set
Colour Walnut
Bed size 160x200
Manufacturer Saltarelli
Model Amalfi


  • Amalfi Double bedstead - walnut: 1865mm x 2180mm x 1340mm
  • Amalfi Night table with 2 drawers - walnut: 605mm x 420mm x 600mm
  • Amalfi Chest of drawers - walnut: 1210mm x 455mm x 830mm
  • Amalfi Mirror - walnut: 1070mm x 50mm x 1090mm
  • Amalfi Dressing table - walnut: 1200mm x 420mm x 720mm
  • Amalfi Pouf: 400mm x 400mm x 455mm
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